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LET'S SHAKE 2021 Header.001.jpeg

Sonic Apparel is excited to offer the Let's Shake Custom Apparel Program.

You can have the Let's Shake logo embroidered on ANY item from Sonic Apparel ranging from Polos and Dress Shirts to Outerwear and Caps.  You can also add your Name and Title as well.  Take a look at some great Let's Shake Custom Apparel below.

Let's Shake 2021 CAP.001.png
Let's Shake 2021 VISOR.001.png
Let's Shake 2021 APPAREL.001.jpeg
Let's Shake 2021 APPAREL.002.jpeg
Let's Shake 2021 APPAREL.004.jpeg
Let's Shake 2021 APPAREL.003.jpeg
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